Can you answer the following questions about sight loss?


This is just a fun quiz to test your knowledge of living with sight loss.  It also has a serious side, as many people  with full vision, simply do not know what it is like to live with sight loss.  I hope to be able to provide a little education and awareness.

  • Can a blind person see?
  • What does a white cane with a red band on it mean?
  • If someone has a white cane, are they Blind or Partially Sighted?
  • Can someone who is registered as having only Partial Sight loss drive a vehicle?
  • If you see a person with a white cane trying to cross a busy road – what should you do?
  • If a Blind/Partially Sighted person says they saw a movie – what does that mean?
  • How does a blind/partially sighted person know what colour clothing they have on?
  • How do you know if a Blind/Partially Sighted person needs some help?
  • How does a Blind/Partially sighted person know when to cross a busy road?

How do you think you did?

HERE ARE THE ANSWERS go check out how you did.  And it would be great if you could leave a comment below saying if you knew everything or if you have learned something about Blind and Partially Sighted people that you didn’t already know.

Also, if you have ANY questions at all about Blind/Partially sighted people, please ask away in the comment below, and I will be very happy to answer and best I can.


4 Replies to “Visually Impaired Quiz”

    1. Thanks Kay – Its just a. little fun, but getting the tiniest bit of information out there, just makes things that little bit easier for everyone x

  1. Feeling a bit smug here 🙂 I even knew the red band one.

    What is your opinion on pedestrian crossings now not beeping? I know the roller thingy is a bonus but do you miss the beeping to tell you it should be safe to cross? I am so tuned in to listening for it that I will stand there not realising there’s a green man, even though I can see the image without difficulty…. I am subconsciously waiting for the aural signal. And what if there are two visually impaired people at the crossing – only one can feel for the roller at a time… at least, without much embarrassment at inadvertent hand-holding! Am I being obtuse?

    1. Haha – I’m pleased you are feeling smug 🙂 And so you should if you were aware of those things.
      I am a little concerned about the Pedestrian Crossings loosing the usual and well known beep to cross. Its exactly as you say – quite often, I wouldn’t even look at the green man, or simply give it a cursory look only upon hearing the beep. Fortunately, I am able to (in most cases) see the colours at the moment.

      It is scary to think of a client pedestrian crossing, and one hopes that having a visible white (or white and red) cane will make those road users aware that a blind/partially sighed person may steep out inadvertently thinking it was safe to do so. (We can live in hope ). I spoke a a gentleman last week who is both blind and deaf and he has a white and red walking stick, because he also had a stroke and needs the stick for stability. He finds it very distressing that people just walk into him, cross in front of him and all manner of things, because he doesn’t have a cane, so people just think he is using a walking stick, can see and can hear. He is petrified to cross a road and only goes outside with a sighted person.

      I think loosing the audible bleep is certainly a backwards step for us. And hey…. who doesn’t like a little inadvertent hand holding – its even better when you cannot see the person so well, as you can imagine that they are simply stunning haha

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