Thanks for playing the little Questions and answer quiz around blind and partially sighted people.

I hope you had fun, but also learned something new.  It would be great if you could leave comments on the Visually impaired QUIZ page

  • Can a blind person see?
    Well, only about 4-6% of people living with sight loss are completely blind.  So, YES, in the vast majority of cases – Blind and Partially Sighted people do have SOME residual vision.
  • What does a white cane with a red band on it mean?
    If you see someone with a white Walking Stick or a cane that has one, or several Red Bands around it, this means that the person is Deaf as well as Blind.Partially sighted.  So, of course, it is unlikely that they will hear you approaching them. This is really tricky, as generally, sighted people know what a White Cane means – BUT have no idea that a red band also means that the person is deaf.
  • If someone has a white cane, are they Blind or Partially Sighted?
    BOTH Blind and Partially Sighted people use white canes to help them get around. So, please do not think someone is “faking it” if they have a white cane, but, you see them reading on the bus or train etc.  They may have the book close to their eyes, or it may be in very large font, or, they may even be using a visual aid.
  • Can someone who is registered as having only Partial Sight loss drive a vehicle?
    NO.  As soon as someone is actually Registered as having a visual impairment, they are no longer able to drive a motor vehicle.  They cannot hold a driving license, provisional or Full.
  • If you see a person with a white cane trying to cross a busy road – what should you do?
    You should not assume that the person needs help.  Do Not grab them by the arm, hand, shoulder, jacket etc and drag them across the road.  HOWEVER, it would be nice to simply quietly ask if they need assistance.  If they say Yes, then great, offer them your elbow/arm and guide them across.  If they say No, then thats also great, it means they are fine, so, don’t take offence, and simply carry on what you were doing – don’t take it as a snub.  You did your bit….Thank you.
  • If a Blind/Partially Sighted person says they saw a movie – what does that mean?
    It’s usually a figure of speech.  People have various levels of sight, and they may have “seen it” albeit in a fuzzy or unclear way.  However, in general, they would have been at the cinema or theatre, and had some audio playing, or simply sat “listening” to the movie.  Often, if you close your eyes, if the movie, or show is awesome, you can see in your minds eye what is happening..Try it!
  • How does a blind/partially sighted person know what colour clothing they have on?
    Many different ways.  Sometimes, a friend will help then choose.  Other times, they have their wardrobe and drawers organised in colour sections.  Other times, they use a “Colour Finder” App on their phone, or use a device such as an Orcam, which has a colour detection function on a wearable camera attached to their glasses.
  • How do you know if a Blind/Partially Sighted person needs some help?
    Quite often, if a Blind/Partially sighted person needs some form of assistance, they will ask for it.  BUT, if you see someone in obvious difficulty, you could always just Ask them if they need help. If they do, they will let you know, equally, if they don’t they will thank you and say that they are fine.  The thing to AVOID, is just grabbing onto them and assume they need help.  This can be a very frightening and upsetting experience for the Blind/Patrially sighted person.  Imagine if someone just grabbed hold of you and dragged you across the road you were trying to cross etc.
  • How does a Blind/Partially sighted person know when to cross a busy road?
    A whole host of ways actually.  Hearing ( unless the person is also deaf ).  Listening out for a gap in the noise of oncoming vehicles.  Listening for the signal to cross Beeps from the traffic lights.  Also, many of the yellow crossing boxes that you see with a red and Green Man are “accessible” and have a little “Spinner” underneath them, which spins around when the Green man is on and is safe to cross.  The Blind/Partially sighted person will place their hand underneath the yellow box and wait for it to spin – some, also vibrate.