My visit to The Guide Dogs UK National Breeding Centre – Warwickshire

I was recently invited to visit Guide Dogs UK National Breeding Centre – Warwickshire. I hope you find my write up of interest and realise just what such an amazing life changing gift a Guide dog is to Blind and Visually impaired people such as myself. I would love to hear your thoughts

White Cane Training

White Cane Training So, today I have had my first initial professional white cane training.  A few different words spring to mind as a result of this, and they are: Inspired, Confidence, Smiling, Relief and Enabled Why these words? Inspired, Because my general feeling of wellbeing (which has taken. battering since loosing some of myContinue reading White Cane Training

Glasses for the Visually Impaired

What glass are available for the Blind or Partially Sighted? Since my partial sight loss, I struggle with the change in light conditions.  If I move from a darker  to a brighter environment, my eyes take time to adjust and also cause me some discomfort.   Also, because I have difficulty with contrast, I findContinue reading Glasses for the Visually Impaired