My Youtube Vlog

Started a little You Tube Channel.  Hoping to bring awareness to those with full vision and make things a little easier for those without.

This post just talks about my particular sight loss


My First solo Bus journey since being visually impaired


Pavement Parking and how it affects those with sight loss

The impact pavement parking has on many people, not just those with visual impairment is huge.  It actually puts lives at risk, and sadly, happens on a daily basis.

Celebrating 90 years of Guide Dogs – Steph’s Packed Lunch

We were lucky enough to be invited to represent guide dogs, explaining the difference these amazing life changers make to someone with a visual impairment. There is also the most beautiful puppy in training showing his talents, as well as my life changer, guide dog Spencer.

Blind and Disabled Travel Card – UK

Explaining how the blind and disabled metro card from West Yorkshire works’ nd the benefits it provides.  Most councils have their own versions of this card.