Sight Loss – Loosing my Mind – Charles Bonnet Syndrome

So, this isn’t a terribly easy blog to write, but one, I want to draw attention and awareness to. Sight Loss and Depression For quite some months now, my mood has been pretty low, because of my perception of what sight loss has done and means to my existence.   My mind hasn’t been inContinue reading Sight Loss – Loosing my Mind – Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Sight Loss – Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions   I have been doing a lot of thinking these past couple of months, weeks and days.  Slowly coming to terms with loosing a large proportion of my vision.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions and self doubt. However, one thing has had a huge impact on me being able toContinue reading Sight Loss – Decisions, Decisions

White Cane Training

White Cane Training So, today I have had my first initial professional white cane training.  A few different words spring to mind as a result of this, and they are: Inspired, Confidence, Smiling, Relief and Enabled Why these words? Inspired, Because my general feeling of wellbeing (which has taken. battering since loosing some of myContinue reading White Cane Training

Living With Sight Loss – bit of a wobble

Bit of a wobble today Today, I attended the first of a two day Living With Sight Loss, facilitated by the RNIB. Right up until last night, I was looking forward to participating on this course, as I seem to have a  hunger to learn all I can about life with diminished sight and developContinue reading Living With Sight Loss – bit of a wobble