Useful gadgets for those with poor Vision

If you have been following my blog – you will know that I was recently registered as Partially Sighted (11th June2018).  I am l;earing new things, and feeling different emotions every day at the moment. Things are difficult, but i’m constantly researching whats out there to make the things I once took for granted, easier to manage now that I don’t see so well.  Don;’t forget, us visually impaired people get the products VAT FREE.  So, make sure whoever you are buying them from know that you are certified Visually impaired, and they will then deduct the VAT element.


♦ Magnification Visual Aid Equipment that I have van be seen on the following post?

Low Visual Aid Clinics

My first Low Visual Aid Clinic appointment was an absolutely positive experiences and I came away feeling much more positive about things and greatly re-assured. If you are having sight loss problems, I would highly recommend getting a freferral


Here’s what I have found (and experienced) so far:

Talking Kitchen Scale and Easy To Read Measuring Jug Set

Talking kitchen scale with easy to read measuring jug set  These are great, and really make the job or measuring cooking ingredients so easy.  Large Bold Print markings on the measuring jug, with a big comfortable chunky handle.  Simple to use and just two large buttons (one for the weight choices and one to reset to zero)

The scale announces the weight of whatever you put into the jug (or bowl or whatever else you decide to weigh your ingredients in) in a clear voice, in Kilo-grams, Grams or Pounds and Ounces and then liquids in Millilitres.

Its totally awesome.  No more am I having to take a photograph of the display and then zoom on my phone to see what the settings are displaying on the screen, and then use a magnifying glass to see the weight as I add things.   I got mine from the RNIB


Talking Bathroom Scales

Talking Bathroom Scales  These are awesome.  (You will probably need a sighted person to initially set them up – or use a magnifying aid to do it yourself.  Easy and straightforward to do – as long as you can see to do it!) They have a comfy platform to stand on, with a large glass area in the middle with a large LCD display (3.5cm High digits).  They weigh in either Metric or Imperial, and announce in a loud, clear voice your weight.  (Not very discrete if you don’t want anyone else to hear your weight haha).

Once the scale is initially set, you dont need to turn it on or off again, you don’t need to kick the scale to get it started.  Simply stand on the scale – It then welcomes you with a nice clear “Hello”.  Your weight is then calculated and announced to you – Simple! Does the job perfectly.  Once again, with my sight loss, if I stood on the scale, I had to take a photograph of the display on my telephone from above, and then zoom in on it to see my weight.  I got mine from the RNIB.


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