Some people think I’m Rude!

Ok, so heres the deal…

Recently people have commented that I have been rude, or pre-occupied or just plain miserable, because I didn’t acknowledge them.

I’m seriously not ignoring them at all.  I just didn’t see them – really, I didn’t.

I hope its because the sight loss issue is very new to me, and that people just don’t know that I no longer see too well, because the last time we interacted I had full vision.

The things that make people think I’m being rude are:

Waving or Nodding at me:

Unless I am very close to you, I really won’t see you wave or nod.  I’m not being rude, I just didn’t see. This happens when I’m walking down the street, or in the car as a passenger, and another driver waves at me.  It happens when I’m sat in a cafe or a restaurant, in a queue and a whole host of other situations.

Putting their hand out for me to shake:

Usually, this will happen when a client comes to see me, or when I’m out and about doing the normal day to day things. Because I have virtually NO peripheral vision, if you approach me from the side, I’m unlikely to even know that you are there.

Even if you are in front of me, because I have very little depth vision, if your hand is below my direct line of sight, again, I won’t see  your hand approach me.

Saying “Hi” to me

Now, this is going to sound insane – but, often, even if you are stood in front of me, unless you are VERY close to me, I often wont recognise who you are.  I will know that you are there, but, I wont know “who” is there, unless I recognise your voice of course.

I don’t see the detail in your face, often I won’t be able to see your eyes blink, or move, or your head turn to me, unless its done so in an exaggerated fashion. Sometimes, depending on how you speak, I won’t see your mouth/lips opening and closing.

The best approach to me when speaking to me is to announce who you are – for example, Hey Terry, its Dean” or “Hi Terry, its Katie from the bank”.  That way, I will instantly recognise you

So, please bear this in mind, if you see me anywhere, and you do something to get my attention. Generally, if I don’t acknowledge you, its because I don’t know its you.  Either that, or your gut instinct was right, and that particular day, I am just being an old grumpy guy :-)!

What do you think?

let me know what you think. Without me saying this, would you have realised I didn’t see or recognise you?  Maybe you have friends who have a visual impairment or see people being waved at without them acknowledging.

My best friend has a hearing problem, and all too often, people think he is being rude or ignorant.  Mostly in shops or cafe’s, restaurants etc.  they will speak to him or ask him something, and if he is looking down at the shopping that he is packing, or at his wallet to get money etc, he just doesn’t hear that they are talking to him.  Its quite funny really, because, individually, we have problems (one can’t see very well, the other can’t hear very well ) but, when we are out together, we make ONE fully functioning person, haha.

4 Replies to “People think I’m Rude”

  1. People don’t stop to think do they – I hope that this read far and wide Terry all these things will be affecting others with sight and hearing impairment x together
    u 2 R 1

    1. Its true Kay – people just don’t think. I don’t think its intentional at all, its just normal to assume I guess. But, if we can educate as we learn ourselves, then great x x

  2. Another great blog! So enlightening to all .I hope these experiences are shared far and wide to teach everyone not to be so judgemental and presumptuous.

    1. Thanks Gwenda
      If people read things like this, then it all helps I think. I am learning day by day, and as I learn, or come across things, I like to get it into a blog in the hope it will hep others as it helps me

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