Something happened today, which inspired me to write about it.

The kindness and helpfulness of several people simply amazed me on my way to a hospital appointment and on the way back home.

I was dropped off at Shipley Train station, as my partner had to go somewhere himself. I got to the ticket office, handed my metro card over and paid my fare.  I asked which platform and at what time my train to Leeds was.  The cashier told me the time and said what platform.  Te platform was just to the side of the ticket office, which was great.

I had my long cane with me, and also my glasses on, a s the sun was very bright, and I’m not great in bright light, and misjudge things a lot.

I sat on a bench with the people and waited for my train.  The train pulled up, and people started to walk tot eh train.  I got up to follow, and as I approached the platform,

Act of kindness 1

A railway attendant came over to me, and asked if I would like any assistance.  I took uo his offer and he Kindly got me onto he train and onto a seat.  He was very polite, courteous and just..kind.  I don know where he came from, as I didn’t see him anywhere as I waited for the train.

I knew there were three stops, and on the third stop, I would get off in Leeds.

Act of kindness 2

When I got to Leeds, I got up to. make my way to the doors, and a lady with a large suitcase, asked if I needed a hand off the train.  She put her suitcase down which blocked the people pushing to get off, and held my arm until I got off of the train onto the platform.  She then, I assume, got her suitcase and made her own way.  What a kind hearted lady.

I got through the station and to the taxi rank.  Jumped in a cab and made my way to Chappel Allerton Hospital

Act of kindness 3

The taxi driver, got out of the cab to help me in, and then when we got to the hospital, got back out, and took me to the entrance.  He asked if I was ok from there, which I was. There was a lot of traffic around, so, it was great that he looked out for me.

Act of kindness 4

Then hospital staff were as always, very good, checking me in and helping me where I needed it.  The n nurse walked me back to the entrance after I had finished my appointment and asked how I was getting home.  I said, Bus, then train and then taxi.  I asked if all of the busses from a bus stop near the hospital went to Leeds centre, and he said all the ones on this side of the road do. He asked me if I was ok, and that was that.

The fact the nurse reassured me about the busses and which side of the road to get ti from made me feel pretty confident with the first part or my journey.

I got to a bus stop, and as a bus approached, a lady was also walking towards the bus and told me that it was the number 3.  I got on, and asked the bus driver if he went into the Leeds City centre.,  He said that he did.  I asked him if he would let me know when we are at the closest stop to Leeds station.

AMAZING act of kindness 5

The bus driver said that he didn’t go anywhere near to Leeds station, but that he would tell me when we get into the centre, and would then tell me what bus I needed to get onto next.  The bus was really busy.  I sat down and the bus set off.  Some time later, the bus stopped again, and after. amount, a chap got hold of my arm, and said, some with em fella.  It was the bus driver!  He had pulled up at a. bus stop, and I later realised that he had stopped at the bus stop in such a way, that another bus at a bus stop slightly before, wouldn’t have been able to pull out easily.  What actually happened was that he saw the bus that I needed had pulled up to a stop.  So, he stopped, got out of the driver seat, ran to the other bus and asked him to hang on a min ute.  He then came to get me, and actually took me to the other bus, and said to the driver to tell me when we get to the station! He had a quick chat with me, and Sid this is the bus you need fella, and he will make sure you get off where you need to when you get too the station.  I was absolutely taken aback, and amazed by this guys actions.  he then ran back to his own bus, and set off.  Never would I have expected someone to go out of their way like this, ever to help help me.

Act of kindness 6

The second bus driver, pulled up and told me that we were now by the station.  As it happens another bus driver was also travelling on the bus and got off where I did too.,  he asked me where I was going, and if I needed any help.  I said, I was fine thanks, Im on my way tot he station now.  he said it was straight ahead, and Id be there in a moment or two, and asked if I wanted him to walk with me,  I said thank you, but I was fine.

Act of kindness 7

I then got to Leeds train station and made my way to the information desk, as I just cannot see the screens at all.  I asked if there was anyone that could help me get to the correct platform for a train to shipley.  A railway attendant came, walked me through the barrier and to th platform, he told me that the train would be here in 5  or 6 minutes, and we chatted as we walked, he was so friendly, and had started work @ 06:00.  I said he didn’t have to with with me until the train gets there, as he had taken me to the platform, so, I would be ok. I said the I would be fine, and thanked him very much for his help, and off he went.

I rang my partner as I was on the train and he picked me up at Shipley train station.

Why I decided to write about today

I was just so amazed by people today.  I could not have asked for anything better, in fact, I would never have thought anything like this would ever happen, especially the bus driver, who got me to my connecting bus – he went above and beyond, and I just wish I knew who he was, so I could thank him again personally.

It just goes to show, that despite all of the horrid things happening around us in todays World, three are good, and kind hearted people out there, that take the time out of their own busy schedule to lend a hand. I was worried about todays journey, as it was a long one with a lot of different trains and busses, and for me to go it alone was quite nerve wrecking, with my sight problems.  However, this journey was the sm oothqst and quickest I have had.  In fact, I don’t think I could have done it as quick if I had driven ( not that I would rive of course haha!)

So, if anyone is ever struggling, with anything…just bear in mind my little story, and feel assured that when the chips are down, there are amazing people around us, that will help if they recognise that we need to, and if we are humble enough to ask for it and accept it.

God bless



3 Replies to “Amazing Acts Of Kindness”

  1. You are doing so well , Terry . People are kind and caring as are you yourself .
    You are such an inspiration to others.

  2. Tel,Tel,Tel
    How brave you are to have accomplished such a journey. Let us not put down, the courage and confidence it has taken you to achieve this. Another step in your new life style.
    To meet such kindness in people so willing to help. Does it not restore your faith in human kind.
    God bless you where met with such amazing spirit in human kind.
    Much love and hugs to you Tel May you continue to shine in this new life journey.
    Dianne xx

  3. Truly inspiring.
    It does bring home the kindness still in the world.
    You attract it because of your kindness, Terry. So, YES It will happen because of the person you are xxx

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